Effects of Divorce on Second Marriages

A second marriage can be the result of only two things, divorce and death. These marriages have a much higher divorce rate than first marriages. This statistic can come from many different things, whether children, financial issues, or emotional problems, and second marriages are almost always harder than the first. You might think that since someone went through one marriage already they have experience and know what they are looking for and therefore this marriage will be a success, but that is a common misconception and is usually not the case.

The first of the many possible things are children. Children can make or break a second marriage, if the new “parent” do everything right and the kid(s) like him/her than that parent’s new “significant other” will appreciate him/her more and that can add to the marriage. However if everything does not go right there a couple of things that can go wrong. Many times in a new marriage both the children and the new spouse want to be the one focused on, and the new parent feels like he/she is in the middle of a war and that can break the marriage. Even if that does not happen if the child doesn’t like the new parent then that can be a reason for………..

There is a natural fear of the unknown and in some cases that is why people are afraid of getting divorced, but when someone has been previously divorced they see divorce as a more viable option than people who have not. Therefore when there are problems in a marriage it is more likely for a second married couple to look to divorce than a first time couple.

If there was a divorce then there are usually financial problems.

There can be emotional problems from the first marriage which may have been a cause of the divorce that were unsolved and were festering inside and which can cause the same problems in the second marriage.

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